Quickscan Business Insurance

Quickscan Business Insurance

Free risk analysis and review of your business insurance policies

Risks are part of doing business. Every entrepreneur is aware of this, but doesn't want to be constantly dealing with it. What you want is to be properly insured when there's damage.

What are the chances of it happening to you? A very valid question that VMD Koster is happy to advise you on. With the help of our Quickscan, we can map out those risks and tell you whether it is wise to take out insurance.

Even if you already have insurance for your company, the Quickscan provides a lot of valuable information. Request a personalized Quickscan today. The fact is that there is always profit to be made!

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Why should you request a Quickscan?

  • Doubt
    You've done your research, but you're unsure about the need for that one insurance policy
  • Knowledge
    You know your own company by heart but want more insight into the external risks
  • Competitive premium
    You already pay a competitive premium, but can we find a better offer?
  • Second opinion
    You have already made a risk analysis, but you want an objective second opinion
  • Validation
    You are already insured, but you want to make sure you haven't missed anything

The right insurance for the best price

Based on the Quickscan, we’ll provide you with a brief and clear overview. This overview will give insight into your current insurance package, and you can see which risks your company is exposed to. In addition, we will share our recommendations and the premium benefit that we can offer you.

A good overview of your business risks

Thanks to the Quickscan, you will receive a clear report that provides distinct answers to these questions:

  • Do your insurance policies still fit your current business situation?
  • Do your current insurance policies contain clauses that can prevent damage from being reimbursed?
  • Are risks not doubly insured?
  • Is your business running unnecessary risks that you can easily avoid by taking out insurance?
  • Can you save on insurance and advice costs?
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Who is the Quickscan for?

Our Quickscan provides insight into your risks, current insurance policies and insurance opportunities. This is interesting for any entrepreneur or organization. Whether you're just starting out, growing or already an established brand. Periodically examining your insurance policies and risks always pays off!

What does the Quickscan cost?

We invest six to eight hours in the scan. We do not invoice these costs, but see them as an investment in our relationship. So you are not tied to anything.

Make an appointment for the Quickscan

Contact us for a free Quickscan of your business insurance and risks. Please fill in the form. You can also call (0172 611 116) or email (info@vmdkoster.nl)

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 Quickscan Business Insurance