VMD Koster

Business insurance in the Netherlands

VMD Koster advises all companies in the Netherlands on risk management, the pension scheme and business insurance.

What we can do for you

Insurance advice from VMD Koster

VMD Koster is a large independent insurance advisor in the Netherlands. We are located in the heart of the “Randstad” near Leiden, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We can tell you everything about all the insurance policies required in the Netherlands. We specialize in risk management, damage and revenue insurance, retirement and mortgages.

Limiting and preventing risks

Our advisers provide a clear picture of (financial) risks for companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals. We analyse, advise and help you prevent and limit risks. We will find a solution for risks that you cannot or do not want to bear. Often in the form of insurance. We will make sure that the risks you wish to insure are properly insured and will remain so.