Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for everything that happens within your organization. A good liability insurance is therefore indispensable for your company. After all, you can be held liable by various parties if something goes wrong. When you apply for a business liability insurance from VMD Koster, our risk managers will provide you with appropriate insurance at the best premium.

As a company, we strive for total business relationships with our client. We want to be the trusted advisor of our clients, in the field of business risks and insurance. That is why we do not want to limit our advice to business liability insurance. We are also happy to look at other insurance policies, such as for your business equipment and motor vehicles.

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What is the coverage of a business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance covers damage caused to persons or material things. This can be damage caused to third parties by a person working in the company, but also damage that employees cause to each other (injury or otherwise) and damage to employees incurred during work.

Benefits business liability insurance at VMD Koster

  • We look further than just your insurance. That's why we always make an extensive risk analysis.
  • We can offer any company an insurance policy that matches its business activities.
  • We also offer tailor-made solutions for starting companies.
  • Entry and exit risks can also be insured.
  • Coherent with other insurance policies (such as professional liability).
  • Special coverages can be added, adjusted to your needs

Do you want a consultation about your liability risks?

Our risk management specialists are happy to talk to you. Together we will look at the risks you may encounter and whether you can bear them. We analyse, advise and help you prevent and limit risks. We will find a solution for risks that you cannot or do not want to bear. Often in the form of insurance.

We would like to get to know you and your company. Contact us on 0172 611 116 for an appointment. You can also request a business liability quote directly. We’ll then contact you. You are of course not committed to anything.

Business liability insurance in the Netherlands