Employee absenteeism

Case Managers assist companies to lower employee absenteeism

With a sickness absence insurance policy you know that your salary expenses for a sick employee will be reimbursed. The total expenses as a result of a sick employee, however, do not only come from the salary loss; in reality the costs are at least twice as high . This comes, for example, also as a result of the social charges, the pension scheme, the missed turnover, and the cost of having to hire a temporary employee to do the work. In many cases they turn out to be more expensive than the employee they are replacing. A good sickness absence insurance not only pays back your losses, but also assists the employer to keep the employee absence as low as possible. For example, with the case manager assisting the employee during his or her absence from work.

Expert support is obligatory

Good safety, health and welfare service support (Arbodienstverlening) is just as important as an appropriate sickness absence insurance. Apart of it's importance to the company (reducing sickness absence) and the well-fare of the employee (the conservation of good health), several other factors also apply. Companies must therefore establish a good policy for working conditions and sickness absence, and carry them out accordingly. Thereby, the expert support of a specialized consultant , or even an inhouse doctor is necessary.

With which specialized support services can you keep sickness absence at it's lowest?

80% of the employee absence is usually not the result of a medical problem. Past research from our own records show that different types of specialized support can greatly influence the level of employee absence at a company. Summing up some of the figures:

  • In 2014, the average national Dutch employee absence percentage was 3.80% , while ours was 3.27%.
  • This provided for a considerable saving on our € 400,000 salary budget - in fact it totaled € 2,120, for ongoing salary expenses. The savings are even higher, when taking into account reduced turnover loss and the need to hire temporary replacement employees.

Three years ago, our own research also showed that there was a striking 38 % improvement in employee absence reduction, when the specialized consultant works with a case manager in comparison to a traditional specialized consultant.

In fact, on an hourly basis the case manager is less expensive, gets more time to build a personal relationship with the company and employees, is more targeted when it concerns the personal situation of an employee. Consequently, he can get a faster grip on the potential causes of the medical complaints. When we draw up a conclusion of the different approaches, the in-house doctor can conclude that the employee's problem is stress-related, while the case manager, on the other hand, will focus on the reason for the stress: like is he or she unable to handle their workload? Do they have relational or debt problems? When there are relation problems or debts? These reasons are not removed by taking more rest, but by taking other measures, such as debt consolidation and personalized coaching.

The ideal employee absenteeism insurance for your company

In our own authorization company, “Groene Hart” several insurers have authorized us to accept insurance on behalf of the insurer, based on certain conditions and pricing. This makes this insurance very attractive, given the acceptance conditions:

  • The insurance is entirely tailored on the basis of an employee “absenteeism scan”, made by our risk consultant.
  • As part of this insurance we couple it to the case managers at “NLG Werkvermogen”, who organize the specialized consulting in the area of safety, health and welfare services.
  • The specialized consulting services and the insurance department communicate together from within one portal to avoid duplication of efforts. We are presently also coupling this portal to our retirement administration, so we will never have to ask you the same question twice. Obviously everyone only receives individualized information.

As a result of the short communication lines between our case managers and the insurance team, we make optimal use of the possibilities offered by insurers to participate in paying for re-integration projects. Like this we can assist you the employer to maximize your profitability.

What are the advantages for you and your employees?

  1. Lower staff absenteeism and lower insurance costs.
  2. Active reintegration support.
  3. Your own case manager as first contact point. He or she knows you and your company.
  4. An in-house doctor will only be contacted when necessary.
  5. Efficient link between the absenteeism insurance and specialized consulting services.

Please fill in the employee absenteeism scan form for an exploratory market research analysis

To immediately get an analysis of your present insurance, please fill out the employee absenteeism scan form. To get the absenteeism scan please contact one of our advisers. From this data we will look at the most appropriate insurance solutions for you in coordination with the best available expert consulting services. We then provide you with a clear and concise proposal. In case your current insurance scheme is still the best option, we will also look at improving your overall staff absenteeism management.

For detailed information on the best employee absenteeism insurance and specialized consulting contact our specialist in the field of social care, income and workers incapacity, and compensation: Lisette den Blanken, Arthur de Jong and Clarie Bergamin.